Covid 19 Israel inbound tourists Insurance

Covid-19 Israel Insurance for inbound tourists

The Israel Incoming Tour Operators Association have decided to grant a COVID-19 insurance to all its customers via Hotspotcover insurance company served by Madanes.

As a customer of one of the agents at The Israel Incoming Tour Operators Association If You test positive for a Diagnosis of 
COVID-19 during the Period of Cover within 28 days of Your Arrival in Israel, that results in Your COVID-19 related Illness and/or admission to Hospital. We will pay up to the limits and terms specified in Your Certificate.

Eligible expenses 1 to 5 and We will pay across all benefits up to a maximum of USD 30,000 per person trip.

This Insurance Is Reimbursing Tour Operators Or Hospitals Only, It Does Not Reimburse The Tourists Directly

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