How claims work?

For medical emergencies and all claims’ payments and approvals please contact Madanes Advanced Healthcare Services Ltd on
Telephone numbers:  In Israel: 03-6380218  
(out of Israel +972-3-6380218)

All claims will be paid through the Tour Operators.

Please note that failure to contact Madanes where it reasonable to do so prior to any treatment or costs incurred may prejudice any payment under this IITOA policy.

Reimbursable claims (where We reimburse You for costs that You have paid) will be paid in the currency in which You incurred the loss. Our claims calculation does not include fees or foreign exchange conversions applied by Your credit card issuer. You can convert Your approved claim amount from the original currency of loss to Your preferred currency, Using a retail exchange rate.

The claim must be supported bt a PCR test.

All claims will be paid in Isarel:

    1. Directly to hospitals and medical suppliers
    2. Trough the local travel agent of IITOA
    3. The flight companies
    4. To hotels

What's covered:

  1. Hospitalization due to Covid19 up to USD 25,000
  2. Emergency evacuation in case the insured is infected with Covid19
    and cannot be admitted to an appropriate hospital in Israel due to overcrowded hospitals. up to USD 25,000.
  3. Repatriation in case of death / funeral expenses in case of death due to Covid19 up to USD 5,000
  4. Flight rearrangement after a hospitalized Covid19 infection. We would require a 48 hours deferment period in the hospital before we reimburse flight rearrangements. That will avoid claims after hospital day cases up to USD 3,000 or after isolation (up to USD 500).
  5. Isolation payment of USD 150 per day up to 7 days beginning with the first day of the trip  in case of a Covid19 diagnosis and only once per person per trip.
  6. Medical evacuation at an ambulance or car with partition up to USD 1,300.
  7. Overall reimbursement limit per person per trip is USD 30,000.

In case of emergency please call us at 03-6380218  

In any other case please fill up the following form and upload any relevant documents like invoices, medical documentation etc.

Filing a claim

I approve that All claims will be paid through the Tour Operators