Q & A

You are covered for:

  1. Hospitalisation due to COVID-19 (up to 25,000 per person per trip) USD, including ambulance or medical evacuation (up to USD 1,300)
  2. Emergency evacuation in case infected with Covid19 and cannot be admitted to an appropriate Hospital in Israel due to overcrowded Hospitals. (up to USD 25,000 per person per trip)
  3. Repatriation in case of death / funeral expenses in case of death due to Covid19 (up to USD 5,000)
  4. Flight Rearrangement after a Hospitalised Covid19 infection. (up to USD 3,000)
  5. Isolation payment of 150 USD per day up to day 14 beginning with day 4 (i.e. max 11 days) in case of a Covid19 diagnosis

These emergency COVID-19 expenses will only be paid after any other travel insurance, private medical insurance.

You should contact you tourism agent in Isarel to get insurrections, you can also approach usĀ  at 03-6380218 or from abroad +972-3-6380218, or using e-mail touristcovid@madanes.com or at our web-site: touristcovid.madanes.com/contact

We will pay the hospital directly.

We will pay the hotel directly or through the travel agent.

We will pay the airline directly or through the travel agent.