The insurance

About Your COVID-19 Cover

As outlined in your certificate of insurance this cover has been purchased by the IITOA service provider to cover expenses as outlined in the schedule below incurred in the first 28 days of your trip as a result of You being hospitalized due to COVID-19 for benefits 1 to 5 below.
Benefit 5) is provided if required in the case of a COVID-19 diagnosis.

If You test positive for a diagnosis of COVID-19 during the period of cover within 28 days of your arrival in Israel, that results in your COVID-19 related Illness and/or admission to hospital. We will pay up to the limits and terms specified in your certificate. Eligible expenses are outlined below in 1 to 5 below and we will pay across all benefits up to a maximum of USD 30,000 per person trip.

All eligible expenses must result from a positive COVID-19 test that first occurs after coverage commences and within a maximum period of 28 days after your arrival in Israel while you are travelling outside your country of origin under the IITOA or one of their subscribing agents.

This is a free Covid-specific insurance that has been provide to you by the IITOA as the insured party and is not intended to replace your normal travel insurance requirements. We recommend that you have adequate trip travel insurance in place before undertaking your trip.

You are covered for

  1. Hospitalization due to COVID-19 (up to 25,000 per person per trip) USD. hospitalization reimbursement refers to Hospitalizations due to a COVID-19 with at least one overnight stay in the hospital, including ambulance or medical evacuation (up to USD 1,300)
  2. Emergency evacuation in case the insured is infected with COVID-19 and cannot be admitted to an appropriate hospital in Israel due to overcrowded hospitals. (up to USD 25,000 per person per trip)
  3. Repatriation in case of death / funeral expenses in case of death due to COVID-19
    (up to USD 5,000)
  4. Flight Rearrangement after a hospitalized COVID-19 infection. We would require a 48 hours deferment period and two overnight stays in the hospital before Insurers will reimburse flight rearrangements (up to USD 3,000) or if after isolation (up to USD 500) flight rearrangement reimbursement is only granted in the same flight class as the insured entered Israel for this particular trip
  5. Isolation payment of 150 USD per day up to day 7 beginning at the first day in case of a COVID-19 diagnosis (only once per person per trip).
  6. Maximum overall limit per person per trip is USD 30,000.
  7. Medical evacuation at an ambulance or car with partition up to USD 1,300.

*The cover is pending a PCR test

You are not covered for

  1. Terrorism and war mass destruction exclusion
  2. Cyber risks
  3. Insurers limit the cover period to 28 days per trip in Israel travelling with the IITOA or one of their subscribing agents.
  4. Furthermore, insurers offer to cover not only tourists with a negative PCR test, but also if they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or if they are cured from COVID-19 and the infection is not more than 1 year ago.
  5. For any claims where You have not received a COVID-19 positive test or received treatment for COVID-19 within 28 days of your arrival or after the expiry date of the period of cover whichever occurs first.
  6. For any claim incurred for expenses not related to COVID-19
  7. For any Inpatient hospitalization treatment, flight rearrangement or Isolation that does not have the prior approval of our assistance company at Madanes Advanced Healthcare Services Ltd.
    1. If it is deemed reasonable that prior approval could not be sought (3i above) will not apply
    2. For any claim in part or whole for hospitalization that did not include an overnight Hospital stay.
    3. For any claim for reimbursement for flight rearrangement unless you have had two overnight stays in the hospital.
    4. For any claim under reimbursement for flight rearrangement in a flight that is superior to the travel class in which you arrived.
    5. For any claim for Isolation after 8 days in total.
  8. For any claim incurred as the result of a COVID-19 test that is negative and any expenses incurred before or after a COVID-19 test that is negative.
  9. For any claim if you have a COVID-19 infection upon arrival in Israel
  10. For any claims where you have been advised to be hospitalized by a medical practitioner during the two weeks before arrival into Israel
  11. For any claim where any amount is recoverable under any other Insurance or reciprocal health arrangement that includes travel insurance, private medical insurance, social security, reciprocal health agreement (such as the European Health Insurance Card) or any other body which will be considered primary before this insurance pays.
  12. For any claim where you are travelling against medical advice or after receiving a terminal prognosis
  13. For any costs which in the opinion of the treating medical practitioner or in our opinion are not medically necessary to treat you or can be delayed until your return to your Country of origin. If the treating medical practitioners’ opinion is not the same as our medical practitioner’s opinion, then Our medical practitioner’s opinion takes priority.
  14. For a private room unless approved by us and we agree this is necessary..
  15. Any loss that is not directly associated with the incident that caused the claim. For example, loss of earnings due to being unable to return to work following an Illness through a Covid-19 diagnosis happening while on a trip.
  16. Any claim that expose us to any sanction, prohibition or restriction under United Nations resolutions or the trade or economic sanctions, laws or regulations of the European Union, the United Kingdom or the United States of America.
  17. Any claim for payments you would normally have made during your trip or which do not fall within the events insured by your policy.
  18. Any claim if You are on any official government or police database of suspected or actual terrorists, members of terrorist organizations, drug traffickers or Illegal suppliers of nuclear, chemical or biological weapons
  19. Any claim on or resulting from a cruise ship or cruise ship vacation or activity
  20. Any claim for travel in excluded countries of Afghanistan, Burundi, Chad, Central African Republic, Congo (Democratic Republic) , Gaza and the west Bank, Iran, Iraq, ,Libya, Niger, Nigeria, Mali, Pakistan, Sudan, Somalia, South Sudan, Syria, Venezuela  and Yemen
  21. Any claim in your country of origin.
  22. where you are travelling: with the intention of obtaining medical treatment for COVID-19 or consultation abroad.
  23. A claims not suported bt PCR test.

Special Condition

These emergency COVID-19 expenses will only be paid after any other travel insurance, private medical insurance, social security, your country of origin’s state provisions for healthcare, reciprocal health agreement (such as the European Health Insurance Card) or any other body that is bound to provide assistance or pay such costs has fulfilled their duties.

You are enrolled under a group insurance policy issued to and paid for by your travel service and/or agency provider. To qualify for coverage You must be purchasing a flight through the IITOA or one of their associated agents who has subscribed you to this scheme. The policy is distributed by to the IITOA.
COVID-19 claims are administered by Madanes


  1. You have met the valid entry requirements for tourists to Israel at the time of arrival in Israel. This includes all the mandatory COVID-19 precautions for tourists to Israel that may include you having a negative PCR test within 72 hours prior to your arrival.
  2. You do not have a COVID-19 infection upon arrival in Israel.
  3. You have had Your Hospitalization treatment or isolation approved by the claims assistance company at Madanes Advanced Healthcare Services Ltd
  4. You are a visitor to Israel and have purchased a trip or ticket with the IITOA or one of their agents who have subscribed and purchased cover to be under this scheme.
  5. You have become Ill and have sought a COVID-19 test within twenty eight days of your arrival
  6. You are not travelling against your country of domicile’s government advice or travel prohibition.
  7. You are outside your country of origin
  8. You have not been advised to be hospitalized by a medical practitioner during the two weeks before your arrival
  9. You have not been diagnosed with a terminal condition

Important: travelling when pregnant

We will provide cover for complications of pregnancy or childbirth following a diagnosis of COVID-19 provided You are not more than 28 weeks pregnant by the time your trip is due to start (or 24 weeks for multiple births) and a medical practitioner or midwife confirms that you are fit to travel. Cover will also require a positive COVID-19 diagnosis within 28 days of costs relating to a normal pregnancy or non-COVID-19 claims are not covered.